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Most of the smaller abstracts I create when I am in "no-thinking" mood. However, the larger pieces are often sketched before I actually do them. Collage technique is different than painting, because it is difficult to create a successful composition with pieces of paper. It is a bit longer process to find the right colour and size of paper. My sketches consist of either small size (5"x7") collage which I then scale to larger size, or I throw collage papers at random, glue them down and then look for a part of this random collage that makes a good design and then scale it up. Each time, it is a discovery process that is thrilling the most.

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Island in the Sun
Island in the Sun Alive Go with your heart Pink and Orange
Night Vision Too much wine and cofee Recall a Dream Taking me Dance
When Wine Country Yellow Glow Reclaimed Beauty
A Splash of red        
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