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Arctic BeautyI cherish a beauty of nature and feel strongly connected with it. I care about the environmental problems we are facing today. Through my art, I like to highlight the importance of preserving the nature.

As a medium, I use high-quality repurposed magazine paper, Japanese papers and tissues, or my own painted paper. I express my vision by creating collage of ripped or cut papers adhered onto canvas or wooden board. I find this process challenging, exciting and environmentally friendly.

I like to interpret what I see in a meaningful way, abstracting the image to some degree or at times just creating a feeling it evokes in me in total abstraction.


Collage Workshop

with Joanna Turlej

Oakville Galleries
(Gairloch Gardens)

1306 Lakeshore Road East
Oakville, ON L6J 1L6

"On Paper: The Creativity of Collage"

Saturdays, 28 April – 26 May 2018

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Oakville Galleries Website

The first class will see participants introduced to a series of techniques to treat and prepare the paper they will use in the course, creating a range of desired effects.

Participants will spend the following four classes exploring ways to express ideas, stories and style by making collages with their prepared papers and other materials such as magazine clippings, stained papers, fabric, and acrylics. Emphasis will be placed on understanding colour systems, composition, value patterning, and the creation of texture by ripping and cutting papers.

Proper techniques to adhere these materials on a variety of support surfaces will also be taught.

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